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Solany Silva was born in Florida – Valle (Colombia) on October 05, 1987, She is passionate about sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sport has always formed a large part of its formation, disciplining itself in all aspects of its life.

Her first experience in the world of sports was with 7 years old doing some taekwondo and with 10 years old she started water polo in Cali – Colombia and had to leave the training in the pool for the purpose of traveling to live in the Canary Islands – Spain.

At age 14 due to severe back pain she went to the doctor and was diagnosed ¨scoliosis¨ but her illness did not stop her from passion for sports. In Gran Canaria she found love for aggressive skating, spending evenings in skate park and in turn began hip hop classes since her Latin blood does not stop running through his veins, music and dancing are another of his passions, so much so that he joined the group of cheerleaders of the basketball club of Gran Canaria after two years dancing in the pabeyon of Las palmas de Gran Canaria decided to leave the dance for a soccer ball.  she was in a women’s soccer team where the goal was his comfort zone, until again another trip would change everything.

London was the city chosen by Solany to learn English, having to leave it in the next 8 months to finally settle in the city of Amsterdam – Holland.

She began to work as a waitress in bars and restaurants leaving her passion for the sport to pay her monthly bills, until her spine collapsed and took her to bed for 2 weeks.

After a long recovery season she decided to resume her love for sports, starting with swimming and fitness.

A long time in the gym with her friends, motivating them and helping them with new routines found the love to help others wanting to take personal training very seriously.

In 2014 she started the first personalized training course and online sports nutrition, started working as a personal trainer doing home trainings and bootcamp in some parks from Amsterdam, taking very seriously her work, she decided to create with her cousin Luis Mauricio Restrepo a name called BUILDING BEAUTY.

In 2016 she met her current partner Paola Rendón in Amsterdam, but solany did not hesitate to travel to Colombia and continue their relationship, they started international personal training with emphasis on nutrition, yoga, pilates, military training, hiit, functional, suspension and body martial in the Colombian school of personal trainers (ECEP) and once the study is completed they decide to travel again to the City of Amsterdam and resume BUILDING BEAUTY toguether.

Stay in touch. I am keen to tell you some more about my background and my beautiful experiences as a personal coach. 

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