10 days challenge!

Since we are going on holidays next wednesday, we want to give our group training  clients some homework and we thought it was nice to share their 10 days challenge with you guys.


This challenge is about doing those 10 exercises with the repetitions or the time we give you.

We recommend you to build up every exercise at day, for example:

Exercises #1 jumping jacks: GOAL = 2 MINUTES!

Day 1: You will go as long as you can, for example if you did 30 seconds of jumping jacks do it 3 – 4 more sets and maximum 1 minute of rest.

Next day you should be available to do at least 35- 40 second for set . You will add 5,10,15…  seconds ór 5, 10, 15… repetitions every day untill you get to our challenge..

  • If you want to participate in our challenge join us posting a picture or video doing any exercises of our program, tag us @buildingbeautyofficial and use #10daysbbchallenge.

Allow us to be part of your story..

We are Building Beauty with Love !

Best Regards,

Sol & Paola


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